Adult Foster Care (AFC)

What is Adult Foster Care?

Funded by MassHealth (Medicaid), Adult Forster Care allows a family member or friend to provide 24-hour care for qualified members in their homes. Members do not need to be bedridden to qualify. Unlike nursing homes or assisted living, Adult Foster Care allows the member to stay home. Qualified Caregivers receive a tax-free payment for their services, allowing them to provide 24-hour in-home care for their loved ones.

Adult Foster Care Services through MassHealth could be the solution for persons who require Active Supervision or Physical assistance with mobility, transferring, dressing, toileting, eating, and bathing

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be 16 years and older.
  • Must have Mass Health Standard or CommonHealth for medical insurance.
  • Must require assistance with ADLs and IADLs daily
  • Has a medical condition or cognitive impairment that requires hands-on assistance or active supervision and coaching to complete ADLs
  • Requires supervision at least 21 hours per day.
AFC is a medical service that the member's PCP office must prescribe.


AFC Caregivers are thoroughly pre-screened and qualified as family member or a nonrelated individual. Caregivers Must be:

  • At least 18 Years of age
  • Must be responsible and capable of making precise decisions.
  • The AFC staff provides support, training, and coaching to members and caregivers.

Multidisciplinary team services include

  • Psycho-social or other applicable member assessments
  • Plan of care to identify all goals and objectives to maximize care.
  • Nursing and care management support
  • Individualized training and support
  • Monthly in-home visits by RN and Care Manager
  • Information about community resources and other local programs
  • 24 hours on-call system